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Did you know that Mexico is one of the top 5 countries in the world for biodiversity?

Its wealth of diverse habitats are home to a huge variety of animal and plant life, many of them unique to this country.

Sadly, however, Mexico is also one of the top 5 countries in the world with the highest rates of annual deforestation. Demographic growth and overexploitation of natural resources have destroyed complex ecosystems. As a result, some species have become extinct.

Tragically, the habitat destruction, hunting, and the illegal wildlife trade have also put many species of birds and parrots at risk of extinction. Most of the large birds that live in the tropical rainforests and coasts of Mexico are now officially on the list of endangered species.

During the last century, many Mexican birds already became extinct, including the passenger pigeon, the guadalupe caracara, the imperial woodpecker, and the beautiful Carolina parakeet (pictured). We are fighting to prevent this happening again.

This website is dedicated to the scientific, environmental and conservation community, as well as the civil and governmental institutions working for threatened species and ecosystems.

Most of all it is especially dedicated to all the people who contribute every day with small actions to help preserve the natural wealth of Mexico.

Thankyou for visiting!

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