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Our vision

In Mexico, there are 22 species of the parrot family, all of which are sadly now classified as endangered, due to deforestation, illegal wildlife traffic, and increasing climate change.

Despite the immense ecological and cultural importance of these birds to Mexico, the biological, geographic and socioeconomic data required to develop an effective action plan for the conservation of wild parrots is scarce.

In this context, research programs are essential in order to develop holistic conservation projects that, in addition to the bird species themselves, also consider the wider habitats and the human communities that share them.

In addition, it is vital to promote public policies that reinforce the protection of birds and their increasingly degraded ecosystems.

Our goals

1) Promote respect for birds and their habitats.

2) Carry out vital scientific research on threatened species of birds, to develop greater knowledge to support their conservation.

3) Develop effective captive management techniques, prioritizing the reproduction of endangered species of parrots, parakeets and macaws.

4) Develop conservation programs that marry reproduction in captivity (ex situ) with reintegration into nature (in situ).

5) Educate society about the problem of Mexican bird species at risk of extinction.

6) To promote a culture of sustainable management of natural resources.

7) Promote and participate in ecological projects that in addition to research, education, conservation of species and habitats, also promote sustainable social development.

8) Search for legal mechanisms that help improve the protection of birds and their habitats.

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